discover quickly

  • doesn’t work on mobile
  • connects to your spotify account
  • load a playlist and hover over a song to hear a preview
  • click any song to dig deeper
    • see more albums from an artist
    • load a list related songs that you can preview
    • add any song you hear to an existing playlist
    • or add songs to a list on the site
      • create a playlist from the list
      • add the list to liked songs or a playlist

i like spotify’s recommendations, so i like this. i’ve been a religious listener to discover weekly and release radar for several years now (i had a giant playlist made of recommendations that has since become ‘every song i’ve ever liked’).

it’s great to explore how songs and artists are related on spotify and learn how so many songs came to my attention through spotify’s algorithms.

this is a good way to find a lot of new music fast, too. the first time i used it, i had a playlist of 55 new songs to listen to in about 30 minutes. new artists and some i was familiar with.

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